'And Alex Edler absolutely steamrolls his man! Oh, what a beautiful hit!’

'Do you think Edler's in the running for a Norris?'

'He has the potential. But as long as the Lidstroms and Webers and Charas are in this league, he has no chance.'

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'And another sloppy second period by the Vancouver Canucks.'

'Their passes just haven't been connecting.'

'Luongo's been keeping them in this game.'

'And Cory Schneider continues to keep his team in this game.'

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He was a teammate, respected for his work ethic, ambition, and his toughness. Most importantly, Rick Rypien was a friend.

“I think the first thing I think about is just a genuine, humble person. He had this burning desire inside to be the best at everything. He was an extremely loyal friend. He’d do anything for you.”-Kevin Bieksa


This is a program that Bieksa was convinced Rick Rypien would be proud of. Rick Rypien will always be close to Kevin’s heart. A special teammate and friend who will never be forgotten.

“I miss him a lot. Before every home game and every away game, I look at the sticker on the helmet and say a little prayer to him. He’s in my thoughts every day and he’s a big part of my life.”

Rest in Peace Ryp. We love and miss you <3

Even the strongest person has problems they have to deal with.

Sometimes, they’re the ones hurting the most.

Don’t be silent. 

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I… I don’t even know.